The organisers of the World Solar Challenge are pleased to announce the dates, classes and regulations for the 2013 World Solar Challenge.

Dates: 6thto 13thOctober 2013

The event will start in Darwin on Sunday 6th October 2013 and travel the Stuart Highway to finish in Adelaide.

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2013 World Solar Challenge Event Classes

Car - flags in backgroundFor the first time there will be four classes.  The introduction and creation of these classes has come about through an extensive evaluation phase and feedback from teams that there is a need to introduce classes that allow the event to remain true to its ethos while recognising the need for elite solar car classes and non-solar electric vehicles.

The four classes are:-

  • Challenger Class Solar EVs: - are designed primarily for efficiency rather than comfort or practicality. They need carry a driver only. The winner of the Challenger Class is the first Challenger Class Solar EV to reach Adelaide.
  • Cruiser Class Solar EVs: - are designed primarily for practicality. They are designed to carry two or more occupants, each facing forwards. They will be judged on external energy use, the time taken to complete the course, the payload carried and practicality
  • Adventure Class: - is for entry level teams wishing to campaign Solar EVs built for previous International Solarcar Federation events but do not meet the regulations for Challenger Class.
  • Evolution Class: - is designed for vehicles which have been designed, equipped or modified to demonstrate a significant reduction in environmental impact. These may be practical or concept vehicles that meet the requirements for individually constructed vehicles but not the requirements of the Solar EV classes. The Technical committee will determine the eligibility of any vehicle submitted for the Evolution Class.

2013 World Solar Challenge Event Regulations

The regulations for all classes are published in the PDF document below titled ‘Regulations for the 2013 World Solar Challenge’.

Download the 2013 World Solar Challenge regulations (pdf, 770k)

How to Enter the 2013 World Solar Challenge

We now officially welcome your interest in participating.  You may opt to submit an Expression of Interest’ which will record your interest in participating, alternatively, you may complete and submit an official entry form thereby formalising your participation by requesting an invoice and taking advantage of the early bird payment discount.

Download the 2013 World Solar Challenge entry form (docx, 86k)

For further information please contact the Event Director via admin@worldsolarchallenge.org.au