Michelin Cruiser Class

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Unique in a competition, the World Solar Challenge has started to see some teams work within the regulations to build a car which would not win any award based on time. The Michelin Cruiser Class is inspired by the 2009 German entry Bo-Cruiser, the successor of which completed the 2011 World Solar Challenge and went on to the ultimate lap of honour by circumnavigating the globe! 

This goal of the Michelin Cruiser Class is not speed but practicality, with the ultimate goal of an entrant being able to meet the requirements for road registration in the country of origin.

Wheels: 4
Driver / Passenger: 1 / 1  both facing forwards
Stages: Over-night charging at selected locations

What can we expect from entries in the Cruiser Class?

With entrants scored according to their energy consumption and the subjective element of practicality, this is the first time subjective determinant of success will feature in one of the main classes. The judging concept exposes designers to the ‘real-world’ needs of industry to predict what end users (in this case our panel) find practical,  attractive or present that essential point of difference from other contenders.  Whether this be a new invention or innovative application of existing technology, we look forward to seeing some interesting outcomes.


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