Solar Team Twente

Red One

Vital Statistics

Team Name:

Solar Team Twente



WSC Class:


Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:09.3556

Grid Position: 12

Solar Team Twente

Car name: Red One

About Solar Team Twente

‘Red One’ is a highly sophisticated solar EV with an asymmetrical design. The car has state-of-the-art systems with top efficiencies. Red One is an evolution of Solar Team Twente’s 2013 solar car, The Red Engine. Weight has always been one of the key criteria in our design. The body and the internal rib structure of the vehicle are designed marginally in order to achieve weight reduction. With a weight of 149 kilograms we expect Red One to be one of the lightest solar cars in the BWSC 2015.