UNSW Solar Racing Team - Sunswift


Vital Statistics

Team Name:

UNSW Solar Racing Team - Sunswift


University of NSW



WSC Class:

2013 Michelin Cruiser

Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:31.52

Grid Position: 4

UNSW Solar Racing Team - Sunswift

Car name: eVe

Daily Event Results

  Pos Arrival
Kms from
Day 1 14th 13:23:00 Katherine 321
Day 2 3rd 14:51:00 Tennant Creek 988
Day 3 2nd 14:01:00 Alice Springs 1493
Day 4 1st 14:19:00 Coober Pedy 1419
Day 5 1st 16:45:00 Port Augusta 2719
Day 6 1st 11:42:00 Friday 3020
Day 7 1st 11:42:00 Friday 3020

* All times and distances posted are provisional and subject to change. Final results will be posted when authorized by the Chief Time Keeper

About UNSW Solar Racing Team - Sunswift

The World Solar Challenge is a defining period in every team member's professional and personal lives. This is a chance to prove what we can do as a team when take on a massive challenge and let our imaginations run wild. By pushing beyond our comfort zones and pushing the boundaries of design we are hoping to inspire change in the world.

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Design Philosophy

The sexy solar car: light, efficient and with all the right curves!