Onda Solare

Emilia 3

Vital Statistics

Team Name:

Onda Solare


Universita' Di Bologna



WSC Class:

2013 Challenger

Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:30.28

Grid Position: 12

Onda Solare

Car name: Emilia 3

Daily Event Results

  Pos Arrival
Kms from
Day 1 24th 13:50:00 Katherine 321
Day 2 12th 16:34:00 Tennant Creek 988
Day 3 10th 16:23:00 Alice Springs 1493
Day 4 10th 11:45:00 Kulgera 1766
Day 5 10th 14:45:00 Glendambo 2432
Day 6 10th Not reached finish of timing 0
Day 7 10th 16:25:00 Friday 3020

* All times and distances posted are provisional and subject to change. Final results will be posted when authorized by the Chief Time Keeper

About Onda Solare

It's the challenge among the challenges for zero impact vehicles. It represents a unique occasion to share experiences and meet young, brilliant and smart people from all over the world in such an outstanding and fascinating landscape just like Australia can be.

All of this sensibly contributes to sustainable mobility.

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Design Philosophy

Emilia 3 has been designed in order to obtain a very light and efficient car, capable to travel for the whole distance of the race under sun power.

Everything has been studied in all its details. Most of the components of the car have been designed and built according to Emilia 3 necessities and World Solar Challenge requests. Mechanical, electrical and aerodynamic efficiency and reliability, fundamental to finish the race and to demonstrate that solar cars are finally a solution for sustainable mobility have been and will be the target.