University of Minnesota


Vital Statistics

Team Name:

University of Minnesota


United States of America

WSC Class:

2013 Michelin Cruiser

Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:12.89

Grid Position: 2

University of Minnesota

Car name: Daedalus

Daily Event Results

  Pos Arrival
Kms from
Day 1 12th 13:14:00 Katherine 321
Day 2 4th n/a 958
Day 3 4th 17:29:00 Alice Springs 1493
Day 4 4th 16:19:00 Coober Pedy 1619
Day 5 4th 13:20:00 Glendambo 2432
Day 6 4th Not reached finish of timing 0
Day 7 4th 16:51:00 Friday 3020

* All times and distances posted are provisional and subject to change. Final results will be posted when authorized by the Chief Time Keeper

About University of Minnesota

As a participant in the Cruiser Class, we decided to develop a practical solar car that is operable by a single person, includes a passenger seat, and maximises efficiency wherever possible.

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Design Philosophy

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project traditionally competes only in American Solar Challenge and Formula Sun Grand Prix events in the United States. 2013 marks our return to the WSC since the 1991 World Solar Challenge Aurora 4. Our team is very excited to participate in this inaugural Cruiser class race.