Tokai University

Tokai Challenger

Vital Statistics

Team Name:

Tokai University


Tokai University



WSC Class:

2015 Challenger

Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:46.71

Grid Position: 20

Tokai University

Car name: Tokai Challenger

Daily Event Results

  Pos Arrival
Kms from
Day 1 3rd 16:49:00 Dunmarra 633
Day 2 2nd 16:03:00 Ti Tree 1302
Day 3 2nd 13:13:00 Kulgera 1766
Day 4 2nd 15:37:00 Port Augusta 2719
Day 5 2nd 13:22:00 Finish of Timing 2998
Day 6 2nd 13:22:00 Thursday 3020
Day 7 2nd 13:22:00 Thursday 3020

* All times and distances posted are provisional and subject to change. Final results will be posted when authorized by the Chief Time Keeper

About Tokai University

WSC is a high level of intellectual competition which allows us to test our knowledge and abilities in order to show our advanced technology. It encourages us to learn and build up our skills in order to make a zero emission vehicle for the next generation. WSC is a long journey and a great adventure that stimulates us to be involved in the development of sustainable transportation methods. It creates a friendly international atmosphere to have a friendly competition with others attempting the same goal which is ECO-FUTRUE.

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Design Philosophy

We understand that WSC 2013 regulation brings solar cars closer to us. We can make a practical approach to make a four wheel solar car and a big cockpit in reality. However, the increase of air resistance and weight makes the challenge more difficult to achieve a higher speed.

 We cooperate with Japanese corporations to design new and unique solar cars. For instance, the top level of energy conversion of HIT Solar Modules and the world's highest level of energy storage devices by using Panasonic Li-Ion Battery is one of the uniqueness key for building a successful car. Moreover, aiming to use a special and light carbon-fiber (TORAYCA) made by ‘TORAY’ makes us succeed to reduce the body weight effectively.  In addition, a unique body design can increase the generated solar power and decrease the drag to give a great performance.