Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team

PowerCore SunCruiser

Vital Statistics

Team Name:

Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team


University of Applied Sciences Bochum



WSC Class:

2013 Michelin Cruiser

Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 2:20.01

Grid Position: 3

Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team

Car name: PowerCore SunCruiser

Daily Event Results

  Pos Arrival
Kms from
Day 1 10th 13:07:00 Katherine 321
Day 2 1st 14:09:00 Tennant Creek 988
Day 3 3rd 14:13:00 Alice Springs 1493
Day 4 2nd 15:16:00 Coober Pedy 1516
Day 5 2nd 11:35:00 Glendambo 2432
Day 6 3rd 14:18:00 Friday 3020
Day 7 3rd 14:18:00 Friday 3020

* All times and distances posted are provisional and subject to change. Final results will be posted when authorized by the Chief Time Keeper

About Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team

For us the World Solar Challenge is the destination of a long journey but also the ultimate check for our car design and the solar car itself. Besides this it is a brilliant possibility to meet other researchers, students and developers from all over the world to exchange information, opinions and to compete with them. In addition to that it is great chance to present our new solar car to an international audience.

Everybody in the team gets excited about the upcoming event and hopes that our work of two years will be rewarded.

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Design Philosophy

We would like to point out that solar cars do not fall short of "normal" cars concerning their suitability for everyday life.

Therefore we designed and built a solar car that consists all features of an ordinary car like a normal chassis, two passenger doors and indicators e. g. and is hence roadworthy. Furthermore our Solar Car is very energy efficient because of its well-engineered wheel hub motors among other things.