HS Bochum SolarCar-Team

Sun Riser

Vital Statistics

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HS Bochum SolarCar-Team



WSC Class:


Static Scrutineering:


Dynamic Scrutineering:

Lap time: 1:57.3267

Grid Position: 3

HS Bochum SolarCar-Team

Car name: Sun Riser

About HS Bochum SolarCar-Team

The sixth solar car built in Bochum understands itself as the combination of all previous designed models. It takes the elegance of the SolarWorld No.1 from 2007 into the rolling alignment of the body. Further it inherits the efficiency of all four-wheeled precursors. In regard to the interior design, where up until now only stylish seats and sportive steering wheels petrified the countenance, the ThyssenKrupp SunRiser inspires with real wood veneer and carbon fiber optics.