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UiTM Eco Photon

UiTM Eco Photon

Team overview

UiTM Eco Photon

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    MARA University of Technology

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Daily event results

Arrival time Control stop Kms from Darwin
Day 1 Oct 8 17:12:36 Katherine 321.774
Day 2 Oct 9 13:24:50 Daly Waters 588.225
Day 3 Oct 10 16:05:29 Barrow Creek 1209.72
Day 4 Oct 11 10:45:50 Alice Springs 1493.37
Day 5 Oct 11 10:45:50 Alice Springs 1493.369
Day 6 Oct 13 15:47:06 Port Augusta 2720.27
Day 7 Oct 14 11:20:35 Adelaide 3020.59

How many times has your team participated in the event?

Our ream previously joined this competition in 2015 for the first time and we are back for the second time for Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017.

What is the design philosophy behind your solar car?

The design philosophy of our solar car is by optimising the strength of our solar car to our advantage. We've improve our design to be more lighter and more efficient to help us during the race. We've also reduce the weight of our handling mechanism to give us an advantage to cruise much more faster in order to reach the finishing point faster in Adelaide. We've also improve the design of our electrical system to help us monitor the performance of our solar panel, battery and our motor.

What is unique about your solar car?

The uniqueness of our solar car is how we manage to optimised the design of our solar car by reducing up to 50% of our total weight, compared to our previous solar car, Stingray. We managed to keep the same design which symbolises the identity of our team while reducing the weight of the car that proves to be vital in our bid to win the race. Our car's strength proves to be much more stronger compared to our previous solar car by choosing a much more stronger material with a better method of fabrication.

Why does your team value participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

Our team value is that we bring the pride of our country as we are the only team that represents Malaysia in this prestigious event. We also brings the pride of South East Asia to challenge any other university that our engineering design and fabrication skills are on par with the most advanced country in this competition. We also want to highlight the importance of solar project awareness towards our country in bid to help to prevent global warming.

What is the one thing your team is looking forward to when you visit Australia?

To meet all the teams participating for BWSC17 and sharing ideas on innovations. Not to forget the excitement of the 3,000 km journey and of course, a kangaroo.