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Blue Sky Solar Racing

Blue Sky Solar Racing

Team overview

Blue Sky Solar Racing

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    University of Toronto

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Daily event results

Arrival time Control stop Kms from Darwin
Day 1 Oct 8 13:18:41 Katherine 321.774
Day 2 Oct 9 15:10:00 Tennant Creek 986.718
Day 3 Oct 10 11:00:09 Barrow Creek 1209.717
Day 4 Oct 11 15:09:51 Kulgera 1765.894
Day 5 Oct 12 13:44:06 Coober Pedy 2178.46
Day 6 Oct 13 13:24:15 Port Augusta 2720.27
Day 7 Oct 14 10:34:03 Adelaide 3020.59

How many times has your team participated in the event?

5 times

What is the design philosophy behind your solar car?

Form after function; we begin with "a" design, and then iteratively optimize it through the past year to design the team's fastest car yet! We are anticipating the competition at this year's World Solar Challenge to be the toughest we've faced, so we know that to compete at this high level we must focus on optimizing the functional elements of the car. For this purpose, we have pushed ourselves with technologies and methodologies that our team had never tried before to aim for maximum performance from our car.

What is unique about your solar car?

For the first time in our team's history, our solar car's canopy will be made by thermoforming polycarbonate. The flexibility of the completely clear canopy not only supports more aerodynamically efficient solutions, but also provides the driver with a better field of vision for safer driving. To commemorate Canada's 150th Anniversary, we will be sporting a large Canadian flag on the roll cage, which will be visible through the clear polycarbonate "bubble" that is the canopy.

Why does your team value participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge gives us the opportunity to test our design against those of our peers around the world. Its an amazing setting to see the end result of our hard work, as well as those of the other teams. In our race competitors we find fellow students, each with a passion for innovation and sustainable technologies, with whom we get to share this unforgettable adventure. Without the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, we could not have such an open platform to showcase our achievement and test our design against those of our competitors!

What is the one thing your team is looking forward to when you visit Australia?

Our team is most looking forward to spending the week in the Australian Outback. We have all seen photos of the incredible wilderness, and we cannot wait to camp out during the race. Coming from Canada, that is certainly not a landscape we can see every day!