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Western Sydney Solar Team

Western Sydney Solar Team

Team overview

Western Sydney Solar Team

  • Car name

    Unlimited 2.0

  • University

    Western Sydney University

  • Country


  • WSC class


  • Static Scrutineering


Daily event results

Arrival time Control stop Kms from Darwin
Day 1 Oct 8 16:18:41 Daly Waters 588.225
Day 2 Oct 9 13:06:43 Tennant Creek 986.718
Day 3 Oct 10 14:58:57 Alice Springs 1493.369
Day 4 Oct 11 12:22:48 Kulgera 1765.894
Day 5 Oct 12 14:20:40 Glendambo 2431.647
Day 6 Oct 13 14:08:27 Adelaide 3020.59
Day 7 Oct 13 14:08:27 Adelaide 3020.59

How many times has your team participated in the event?

This is our third event.

What is the design philosophy behind your solar car?

We expect that the 2017 WSC will be the most competitive yet, so our design philosophy focused on a culture where every minor detail counts, every single gram, every small improvement in the entire car. This car has evolved from our previous cars, where we've tried to improve every aspect at a fundamental level to create a more cohesive package, the most efficient car we've ever made.

What is unique about your solar car?

In our push for absolute efficiency, we often find that gains are achieved with a deep focus on the minute aspects of a design. Small details, such as the braked carbon motor frame or the combined trailing edge, give hints as to the pride with which we undertake our work.

Why does your team value participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

We relish the opportunity to compete against the best teams in the world, thrive on the challenge of engineering one of the most efficient vehicles on the planet, and making so many friends on our journey. The BWSC brings together so many brilliant people who share our relentless passion for a sustainable future, and we value the electric atmosphere this creates.

What is the one thing your team is looking forward to when you visit Australia?

We are fortunate enough to be based in Australia, but as a team, we get to see parts of Australia that many never get to see. We always look forward to welcoming teams from all over the world to Sydney as they pass through.