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Cruiser Class

Cruiser Class

The Next Generation - CRUISER CLASS

Recognising the imperatives of sustainable transport, we have established the Cruiser Class to encourage solar cars designed for practicality and acceptance in a given market segment. Cruiser Class teams aim to change the way we think about what we drive and what fuels we use.

2021 will see the fifth running of this class, which is a tribute to the inaugural event. In 2017, the winner carried an average of three people over 3000 km using less 46 kWh of electricity—the energy cost of the journey was less than $4.70 per person.

Wheels: 4
Driver / Passenger: 1 / 1+  all facing forwards
Stages: Three stages,1200km without recharging.

What can we expect from entries in the Cruiser Class?

With determinants of success including payload, energy consumption and a subjective element of 'practicality', entrants are faced with the real-world challenge faced by designers around the world: w hat will end users (in this case, guest judges) find attractive, and give the design a desirable point of difference?